Ban Underground Coal Gasification

Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) is a technology that involves drilling into coal seams and combusting the coal in situ in the presence of steam, air or oxygen to create syngas that is drawn to the surface through a production well.

Recent UCG trials have resulted in serious contamination of surrounding soil and groundwater. The process creates toxic waste products and polluted water. It also leaves a massive environmental footprint with large quantities of greenhouse gases produced either directly or through fugitive emissions. The potential climate change and environmental implications of this industry are staggering.

Australia has been home to three UCG projects. They were all in Queensland and they have all ended in pollution. Criminal convictions for environmental damage have been imposed on the companies involved. Major contamination of groundwater and soil caused by Linc Energy’s UCG trial project near Chinchilla, was described by the Queensland's Environment Minister as “the biggest pollution event probably in Queensland's history…certainly the biggest pollution investigation and prosecution in Queensland's history”. This disaster resulted the Queensland Government banning UCG. Moratoriums are also in place in Scotland and Wales in the UK.

The Greens are campaigning to ban this dirty and dangerous technology in South Australia. South Australia is a beautiful place to live and work, and we want to keep it that way. We are leaders in clean renewable energy and UCG is entirely the wrong way to go.

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We residents of South Australia call on the Marshall Liberal Government to ban the practice of underground coal gasification in South Australia.

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