Students Strike for Climate Change

Today, teachers were striking for better schools. Tomorrow, their students will be striking for a safer climate.

“I’m proud to see school students taking the initiative to have their voice heard on climate change. After all, they will be the ones having to deal with this generation’s inaction,” said Greens MLC, Mark Parnell.

“Despite the Prime Minister's patronising exhortation for school students to stay in their classrooms, the Greens will be out on the steps of Parliament House in Adelaide tomorrow to hear what the next generation has to tell us. We know that they want emergency action on climate change and all MPs should come along to find out why.

"Instead of shaming young people for wanting to have their voices heard, the Prime Minister should be welcoming the input of children and young people, since the future belongs to them.

“At 27 different locations around Australia, thousands of students aged 5-18 will be striking for climate action tomorrow. Hundreds are expected on the steps of State Parliament on North Terrace from 11am.

“These students are all too young to vote, but they are not too young to know that taking action on climate change is the biggest issue of our time. I’m sure these young people will have strong views on the obsession of the old Parties with fossil fuels, whether drilling for oil in Great Australian Bight, fracking for gas or the appalling underground coal gasification being trialled at Leigh Creek,” concluded Mark Parnell.

Student Strike for Climate Action
Parliament House steps from 11am