Stop the Electric Vehicle Tax

Tell the State Liberal Government that we don’t want a new tax on electric vehicles!

The Marshall Liberal Government is proposing a new tax on electric vehicles because these vehicles don’t use fossil fuels and therefore don’t pay the fossil fuel tax.  In other words, it’s a financial penalty for being clean and green.

We all know that electric vehicles powered by renewable energy are the future of transport.  We need to provide incentives, not impose disincentives.

A distance-based road user charge that only applies to electric vehicles is a huge backwards step in our State’s efforts to reduce emissions and address the climate crisis.  It’s a bad new tax that will discourage people from switching to zero-emissions vehicles. Rather than taxing clean technology, we should follow the lead of the ACT where the Greens-Labor Government is offering electric car buyers free registration and $15,000 loans to encourage uptake.

So far, electric vehicles represent less than 1% of sales in South Australia.  We are a long way behind other countries.  In Norway, electric vehicles make up half of all new car sales, whilst in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a ban on new petrol and diesel cars from 2030.

The Greens will be opposing this new tax, and we need your support.

Sign our petition and add your voice.

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Hayley Randall
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Steph Schwarz

We the undersigned residents of South Australia oppose the Marshall Liberal Government’s new tax on electric vehicles. 

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