Stop cuts to SA's environment

After years of neglect, budget cuts and sackings in the Environment Department, the new Liberal Government has gone one step further.  Staff have been told that there will be “less staff and smaller budgets” as they struggle to look after South Australia’s precious natural environment.  They have also been told that the Department will become primarily an “economic development agency”

Sign my petition to let the Minister for Environment and Water know that this is unacceptable. 

Protecting the environment shouldn’t depend on whether or not the Government or their corporate mates can make money out of it. 

Our environment deserves a properly funded Government Agency whose main responsibility is looking after our precious native plants and animals, not the financial interests of business.

To David Speirs MP, Minister for Environment and Water,

The South Australian environment has suffered from years of budget cuts and now you want to cut some more!  Enough is enough!

Our environment deserves protection for its own sake as well for future generations.  Turning the Environment Department into an “economic development agency” completely misses the point.

We residents of South Australia say "Stop the cuts!"

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