Giving Heritage the Bulldozer Treatment - How the Government is failing Port Adelaide

Today’s decision by the Minister responsible for Heritage, David Speirs, to de-list “Shed 26” against the advice of the South Australian Heritage Council, sends a worrying signal for the future of heritage protection in South Australia, according to Greens MLC, Mark Parnell.

“The people of Port Adelaide have consistently said that they want urban development that is sympathetic to the Port’s rich maritime heritage.  That means “adaptively re-using” old warehouses and other maritime infrastructure for new uses, such as public purposes or housing.  It’s an approach that works in other port cities around the World and it can work here as well.

“In signing the death notice for Shed 26, the State Government is pandering to the interests of property developers who think they will make more money demolishing heritage rather than working with it.

“The SA Heritage Council determined that Shed 26 easily qualified as State Heritage and the Minister should have listened to that expert advice.

“Having cleared the way for the bulldozers to come in and demolish Shed 26, the Government’s next big decision will be the fate of thousands of other State, Local and Contributory Heritage items.  At particular risk are 12,000 heritage buildings on the “Contributory” list and dozens of Historic Conservation Zones, all of which are at risk, unless the Government acts to protect them”, concluded Mark Parnell.