A Human Rights Charter for SA

No matter who we are or where we are, our lives are better when we all treat each other with fairness and respect and when we can enjoy our rights and freedoms.

But powerful corporations and politicians don't always respect the rights of individual people or communities. 

We need a Charter of Human Rights in South Australia to help level the playing field and make life better for everyone. 

A Charter will prevent human rights violations, provide a powerful tool to challenge injustice, and foster understanding and respect for human rights.  It will also ensure that the decisions and actions of our Government and Parliament are guided by the values of freedom, equality and dignity.

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Who's signing

Maree Barron
Pam DiLorenzo
Nathan Moore
Stephanie Stewart
Keith Evans
Miron Bar-am
Robyn Seto
David Rawson
Mary O’Connor
Victoria Bennett
Chris Warren
Helen Phillips
Susan Raphael
Donald Barnes
colin blute
Glenn Giles
Jack Humphrys
Kip Fuller
Lyndall Kay
Fiona Johnston
Judi Storer
Joy O'Brien
Sarah Moulds
Chris Ball
Mikhaela McCarron
Mārtiņš Reinfelds
Sheridan Adams
Ingrid Kellenbach
Claire Campbell
Joy Forrest

We, the undersigned residents of South Australia, call on the Parliament of South Australia to pass the Greens' Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Bill 2020.

1,000 signatures

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