Renting in SA - Tell us your story

With so many South Australians locked out of home ownership, long-term renting is becoming the new normal for more and more people. Between a quarter and a third of South Australians are renters and this number growing every year. With this comes a growing need for affordable and secure long-term rental properties.

Sadly, our current rental laws are inadequate and the system is skewed in favour of landlords and against people who rent.

The ability for landlords to easily evict people for no good reason causes great uncertainty and stress, especially for families with school-age children, who can't be sure where they are going to be living in a year's time. Others live in a climate of fear of being evicted, discriminated against or “blacklisted” if they speak up about repairs or other issues with the property.

People should be able to live in a quality home that is safe and comfortable, with their pets and long-term security of tenure. 

The Greens want to redress this imbalance and give South Australian renters better rights and protections.

We want to hear your stories and lived experience of renting in South Australia.  By sharing your renting experience, you can help us convince the State Government that the law needs fixing, now!

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    commented on A Fair Go for Renters in SA 2019-08-02 14:56:59 +0930
    I am on of the lucky ones who owns an ex trust home. We waited a few years and began renting then purchased our home. But I’m very concerned about the waiting list which I know of people waiting way too many years to get public house being in a waiting list. I’m very concerned about the homeless here and around Australia and feel all states need to get together to sort this issue out. Like to see one bedroom units for people to rent at a reasonable rate.
    commented on A Fair Go for Renters in SA 2019-08-01 09:47:23 +0930
    commented on A Fair Go for Renters in SA 2019-08-01 09:47:04 +0930
    I lived in rental accomodation for more than ten years. During that time, I accumulated my fair share of horror stories. In one place I lived, the toilet needed replacing and the landlord took forever to act on this. We had to run down the street to the local pub just to use the bathroom!

    In another place, mould spores were literally growing out of the ceiling. Again, the landlord refused to fix it. We didn’t want to make a big deal out of it as we wanted our lease renewed.

    In another place I lived, the airconditioner broke down. It was so poorly insulated that the house was like a sauna during summer. We had to keep pushing the real estate agent to fix it, it took 12 months before the problem was remedied. All the while, we were paying rent for a property that had been advertised as airconditioned.