Make Pets Welcome

Renting with pets

Australians love our pets. We have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world with 61% of Aussies having pets.  Many see their pets not just as companions, but as treasured members of the family.

So, imagine having to move house but not being allowed to take your beloved pet to your new home.  Having to abandon the family pet in order to have a place to live should not be a choice that anyone has to make.  But this is a heartbreaking reality for many South Australians.

In SA during the 2018-19 year, 259 pets were surrendered to the RSPCA and 108 were surrendered to the Animal Welfare League simply because their owners could not find pet-friendly rental accommodation. That's a total of 367 - one pet every day for the entire year!  In 2019-2020, there were 293 pets surrendered to the RSPCA for this reason. That's an increase of 13%.

Surely, as a compassionate society, we can do better than this.  

The Greens' "Renting with Pets" Bill, if passed, will allow pets in rental properties, except in exceptional circumstances.  If a landlord doesn't give their consent for the tenant to keep a pet or pets, they can apply to SACAT who will decide the matter. This is a much fairer system that what we currently have.

Show your support for fixing the system by signing the petition, and let's make pets welcome in SA!

We residents of South Australia call on the SA Parliament to support laws that make pets welcome in rental properties.

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