Rate Capping is Dead - But Local Government Accountability Reform is Still Alive

With a majority of State Parliament’s Upper House now committed to opposing rate capping for local councils, attention should now focus on improving accountability for rate spending, according to Greens MLC, Mark Parnell.

“Rate capping was bad public policy that risked causing great harm to local communities whilst doing nothing to improve accountability or transparency for how councils manage their budgets,” said Mark Parnell.

“With the Labor Party now joining us in opposing rate capping, it is clear that the Marshall Liberal Government’s legislation will not pass the Upper House.”

“The Greens are pleased that rate capping legislation looks certain to be defeated and we will work constructively with local government and with other political parties to legislate reforms to improve the effectiveness and accountability of local councils. Rate capping was not the solution to most of the problems identified in local government.”

“We urge the Marshall Liberal Government to get on board with genuine reform and not just abandon the field sulking that they didn’t get their rate capping agenda passed. The Greens will work collaboratively with all other political parties to help local government better serve the people of South Australia,” concluded Mark Parnell.