Protecting our environment

We’re very fortunate as South Australians to live in such a beautiful and richly diverse place.

In the past, society was viewed as being separate to our environment, however it’s now widely understood that humans are part of the environment and dependent upon it for our health and well-being. It’s essential that we take care of our land, air, waterways and seas, and all the other living beings that we share this place with.

Our River Murray is the lifeblood to many of us and we need to make sure we get the water flowing from upstream states so that it can survive. Beautiful places with rich ecological diversity like the Great Australian Bight and Kangaroo Island are under threat from big mining companies and need to be protected now and into the future. Turning the majestic Flinders Ranges into a nuclear waste dump is not the future we want for our State.

Protecting our environment, and all the diversity of life that depend upon it, is not only important for today’s generation, but for our children and generations to come.

Whatever we do today will be our legacy. I want to make it a positive one.