It's Time for Action on Plastic Pollution

Plastic waste is having a massive impact on our environment and on marine life.  By 2050, 99% of all seabirds will have plastic in their stomachs.  And 15% of wildlife species affected by ingestion and entanglement are endangered.  It’s hard not to be moved by images of wild creatures choking on human garbage or tangled up in plastic waste.

We need action now to phase out single use plastics so that we can reduce the terrible harm they do to birds, turtles and other wildlife.

The Greens have a Bill that will phase out the use of single-use plastic items such as straws, cups, plates, stirrers and other plastic waste products over a five-year period.  Retailers will be required to start providing re-useable, biodegradable or compostable alternatives right now so we can start to reduce our reliance on single-use plastic products.

It's time to take action on plastic pollution.  Sign the petition and join the call.

Who's signing

Penelope Main
Dominique Curnow
Jake Berndt
Judy Horsfall
Georgina Dungey
Bev Maxwell
Susan Greenwood
Asheq Islam
Ebony Pierik
Angela Butler
Paul Morris
Natalie Feil
Janice Heinrich
Elizabeth Van Boekel
Mara Buss
Mark Cramond
Jonah Kane
Deborah Moran
Elnora Schmocker
Jillinda Thomson
Cate Mussared
Naomi Fuhlbohm
Brian and Maureen Arnott
Scott Andrews
Jasemin Rose
Rina Cohen
Tracy Corbin
Kendall Laffey
Andrea Clasohm

We the undersigned residents of South Australia call on the South Australian Parliament to legislate to get rid of single use plastics.  They are unnecessary, wasteful and hugely damaging to wildlife and the environment.  South Australia has led the nation for decades in the War on Waste.  Let’s take it to the next level – for the sake of our birds, turtles and other creatures. 

Please support the Single Use and Other Plastics (Waste Avoidance) Bill.

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