Protect our Park Lands

Protecting Our Park Lands

Adelaide's world-renowned Park Lands are one of the city’s most beautiful features.  With majestic trees, a winding river and creeks and green open spaces, it is a precious place and a public space that all of us enjoy. 

Sadly, our Park Lands are constantly under threat of privatisation and development.

There is a long and rich history of South Australian community groups campaigning for the preservation of the Park Lands. Protections that were put into legislation, such as the Adelaide Park Lands Act 2005, have been eroded through changes to planning laws, meaning community consultation can be evaded.

Now, more than ever, we must remain vigilant and raise our voices in support of the Park Lands.

Adelaide’s Park Lands are for all South Australians to enjoy, and as such any development must be of public benefit and for public use.

Who's signing

Penelope Main
Bukola Akintola
David Faber
Sybille Dobber
Matthew Lykos
Stefanie Rossi
Andrew Clermont
Barbara Byrne Byrne
Paul Spillane
suzanne roux
Jon Eykelkamp
Sarah Gilfillan
Margaret Allen
Mieke Van Hees
Catherine Cashen
Donald Barnes
Christian Wangel
Amanda Tilley
Lindy Schubert
Graham Thomas
Oli Wangel
Rebecca Griggs
Allan Robins
Vicky Dennison
Laurie Lever
Nigel Dake
Rosemary McKay
Ingrid Wangel
A & N Sweeting
Francene Connor

Sign our petition now to tell the State Government you want your Park Lands protected for public use.

We, the undersigned residents of South Australia, call on the SA Government to ensure any further development of the Adelaide Park Lands is for public benefit and enjoyment, not private profit and exclusive use.

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