Old parties fail fair pay test

Today in SA Parliament, both the Marshall Liberal Government and the Labor Opposition voted down a Greens Bill to end automatic pay rises for state MPs.

"Although the Premier was swamped with emails from South Australians calling on the Liberal Marshall Government to support my Bill to put an end to automatic pay rises for MPs, the Government decided to ignore these calls and today voted down my Bill." said Greens MLC, Mark Parnell.

Joining them on the other side of the floor was the Labor Opposition, who also opposed the Bill.

"Although this was hardly surprising, it is a sad indictment on both of the old parties that they chose this path when so many South Australians are doing it tough and struggling to make ends meet.

"Most South Australian’s have to fight hard to get a pay rise, so I believe that MPs should lead by example and have the opportunity to show restraint during tough times, when it comes to their own pay cheque.

"This is the fourth time I’ve introduced legislation like this, and the Greens will continue to campaign for a fairer system and to stand up for what matters for South Australians." concluded Mr Parnell.