Crunch time for Liberals on fracking - can they be trusted to keep their word?

On Wednesday afternoon, the Upper House of State Parliament will vote on a Greens’ Bill to ban fracking for gas in the South East region of South Australia. 

Auto Pay Rise for MPs Must Stop

Greens MLC Mark Parnell has introduced a Bill into State Parliament to stop the automatic flow-on of Federal MP pay rises to State MPs and to give the government and Parliament the ability to exercise restraint.

South East fracking ban must be legislated

The Greens have introduced a Bill into State Parliament to ensure that the promised 10 year gas fracking moratorium in the South East, will be made law.

Community views to be ignored in new $34m supermarket/retail complex

A new $34 million supermarket complex planned for the former Le Cornu site on Anzac Highway, Forestville will be assessed without public consultation and with no regard to a Parliamentary inquiry about to be conducted into the re-zoning of the land.

New $1 per trip transport tax should end when taxi compo ends

The Greens will again move in State Parliament to ensure that the $1 per trip levy on all taxi, Uber and chauffeur rides will end once the taxi compensation scheme has been paid for*.

Fairer Public Transport Fares

The Greens want to see a major revision to bus, train and tram fares to encourage more people to use public transport, according to Mark Parnell MLC, Parliamentary Leader, Greens SA.