Ensuring housing is for people, not for profit

Having handed back to property-investors all the additional revenue to be raised by the aggregation measures in the current Land Tax Amendment Bill, the Marshall Liberal Government is facing the very real prospect of losing the Greens’ support for its land tax reforms.

Greens welcome pets in rental homes

A Greens’ Bill amending Residential Tenancy laws, that will allow people to rent with their pets, will be introduced into the South Australian Parliament this afternoon.

Climate Emergency Declaration Passes Upper House of State Parliament

An historic Greens’ motion declaring a Climate Emergency in South Australia passed the Legislative Council tonight.

Greens call on Parliament to reaffirm a GM-Free SA

A Greens’ Bill to reaffirm the previous Parliament’s decision to legislate for a Genetically Modified crops moratorium across the whole of SA will be introduced into State Parliament this afternoon.

In 2017, the SA Parliament passed Greens’ legislation to ban the cultivation of GM crops in SA until September 2025.

Greens SA Statement on SA Land Tax Reforms

In a fair and compassionate society like Australia, while everyone contributes to ensure we have the public services and amenities we all need and use, inequality in wages and wealth mean that some are able to contribute more than others.

Greens' Bill to give community a say over future developments in National Parks

A Greens’ Bill to ensure the public has a say over controversial private developments in National Parks, has been introduced into State Parliament.