Greens welcome delay to flawed Planning and Design Code

The Greens today welcomed the decision by Planning Minister Stephan Knoll to hit the “pause” button on the roll-out of the contentious new Planning and Design Code.

Minister shows contempt for SA Parliament over GM

SA Primary Industries Minister Tim Whetstone MP’s attempt to lift the GM crops moratorium in SA for a third time in as many weeks, after being defeated twice in the Legislative Council, not only shows his contempt for the Parliament, but his lack of leadership on the issue, says Greens MLC Mark Parnell.

Greens secure better housing deal for vulnerable South Australians

After intensive consultation with numerous stakeholders, the Greens have supported the passage of the Government’s Land Tax Amendment Bill that included a package of affordable and social housing-related measures.

Ensuring housing is for people, not for profit

Having handed back to property-investors all the additional revenue to be raised by the aggregation measures in the current Land Tax Amendment Bill, the Marshall Liberal Government is facing the very real prospect of losing the Greens’ support for its land tax reforms.

Greens welcome pets in rental homes

A Greens’ Bill amending Residential Tenancy laws, that will allow people to rent with their pets, will be introduced into the South Australian Parliament this afternoon.

Climate Emergency Declaration Passes Upper House of State Parliament

An historic Greens’ motion declaring a Climate Emergency in South Australia passed the Legislative Council tonight.