Flinders Chase Skulduggery

In a cynical move designed to fast-track and “appeal-proof” private tourism projects in Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island, the State Government yesterday introduced new Regulations to over-ride existing environmental protections.

Greens welcome support for pets in rental homes

Yesterday, the Greens’ “Renting with Pets” Bill passed the second reading in the Legislative Council.

“We’re pleased that the Marshall Liberal Government has indicated its support for continuing debate over a Greens’ Bill to make pets welcome in rental properties” said Greens MLC Mark Parnell.

Time for SA to have a Human Rights Charter

A Greens’ Bill introduced to Parliament this week would protect the human rights of all South Australians, enshrining principles of dignity, equality, respect and freedom in legislation.

Minister's cruel hoax on local communities over GM crops

The decision today by Primary Industries Minister, David Basham, to reject EVERY request by local Councils to prevent genetically-modified crops being grown in their areas, is a cruel hoax that will anger many local communities, according to the Greens Mark Parnell MLC.

Greens welcome pets in rental homes

A Greens’ “Renting with Pets” Bill amending residential tenancy laws, that will allow people to rent with their pets, will again be introduced into State Parliament tomorrow.

Greens Bill to give renters a whole new lease on life

The Greens are championing legislation that would improve life for the 28.5% of South Australians who live in rental accommodation.