Minister's cruel hoax on local communities over GM crops

The decision today by Primary Industries Minister, David Basham, to reject EVERY request by local Councils to prevent genetically-modified crops being grown in their areas, is a cruel hoax that will anger many local communities, according to the Greens Mark Parnell MLC.

Greens welcome pets in rental homes

A Greens’ “Renting with Pets” Bill amending residential tenancy laws, that will allow people to rent with their pets, will again be introduced into State Parliament tomorrow.

Greens Bill to give renters a whole new lease on life

The Greens are championing legislation that would improve life for the 28.5% of South Australians who live in rental accommodation.

Greens welcome bus backdown

The Greens today welcomed the Government’s backdown on changes that would have seen hundreds of bus stops closed and dozens of routes axed.

GM Crops - Labor's capitulation will harm State's clean, green, natural food reputation

In a major betrayal of many of their supporters, the Labor Party has today capitulated to the multi-national chemical companies to allow genetically-modified crops to be grown in South Australia.

GM Crops Regulations set to be disallowed (for a third time)

When Parliament resumes on 28th April, the Legislative Council is set to again support a Greens motion to disallow Government Regulations that lifted the GM crops moratorium on mainland SA. If successful, the ban on GM crops will be reinstated for a third time.