Hands off SA's marine sanctuaries

South Australia's marine sanctuaries cover just 6% of SA's waters.

However, they are vital to protecting key marine habitats and breeding grounds, which in turn increases fish stocks and enhances marine biodiversity.  Marine sanctuaries are not only important for our marine environment, they are also important for local communities, fishing and tourism.

The Liberal Party attempted to scrap 12 marine sanctuaries when they were in Opposition, and only lost by one vote.  Now that they are in Government in SA, our world class marine sanctuaries are under threat again. 

Sign the petition to tell them to keep their hands off SA's marine sanctuaries.

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Chelsea Cloutier
jodie Maynard
Beth Cleary
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Graeme McLeay

Dear Premier Marshall

We residents of South Australia say: Please keep your hands off SA's marine sanctuaries!

They're far too precious to lose.

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