In Parliament

QUESTION: National Alcohol Strategy

During Question Time, Mark asked the Minister for Health and Wellbeing whether South Australia has already signed off on the the draft National Alcohol Strategy or whether the Minister is insisting that the strategy be redrafted to better reflect public health priorities. 

BILL: Rate Oversight

Today Mark outlined the Greens opposition to the Government's Bill to introduce rate capping, which risked causing great harm to local communities without doing anything to improve accountability and transparency for how councils manage their budgets.

QUESTION: Affordable housing

During Question Time, Mark asked the Leader of the Government, representing the Minister for Human Services, whether the Government is confident that developers are not avoiding their obligations to provide affordable housing in new significant developments.

Bill: Landscape South Australia

In speaking to the Government's Landscape South Australia Bill, Mark noted that when the Government rewrites a major piece of controlling legislation, especially one that dictates how natural resources are managed, that a number of fundamental questions should be asked.  These first is: is this genuine reform and does it target the main issues that are pressing for South Australia? 

BILL: South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Today Mark responded to the Government's Bill which expands the jurisdiction of the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT). 

GREENS MOTION: Liberals and Labor oppose Motion calling for free public transport for seniors

Today Mark's motion calling on the Marshall Liberal Government to extend free public transport to seniors to include all weekday services as well as weekends and public holidays was brought to a vote. As neither the Liberal Government nor Labor Opposition supported the motion, it did not pass.