In Parliament

SPEECH: Electoral Fairness

Today Mark spoke to the Government's Electoral Fainess Bill. Having successfully ensured that the constitution was fairer to all parties and candidates in 2017, he explained why the Greens would not support reinstating the offensive provisions back into the constitution. The bill did not pass second reading stage. 

QUESTION: Sum of money paid to Australian Walking Company

Today in Question Time, Mark asked the Treasurer how much of the money the Government has contracted to pay the Australian Walking Company in relation to private luxury accommodation in Flinders Chase National Park has already been paid. 

GREENS BILL: Public say on private developments in National Parks passes Upper House

Today the Greens' Private Members Bill to ensure that any proposed private developments in National Parks are subject to full public notification, representation and appeal rights was passed by majority in the Upper House but opposed by the Liberal Government.

GREENS BILL: Renting with Pets

Today Mark introduced a Greens' Private Members Bill to allow people to rent with their pets, other than in exceptional circumstances. This bill addresses an area that is well overdue for reform and, if it passes, it will have a significant positive effect on many lives — both human and animal.

SPEECH: Ride to Work Day

Today Mark spoke about Adelaide City Council's Ride to Work Day event which he attended, the need for more separated bikeways in the city and his view that the laws around e-bikes should be reviewed. 

BILL: Mineral Resources

Today, Mark spoke about the need for mining reform and outlined a number of the amendments he will be introducing on behalf of the Greens to the Mineral Resources Bill.