In Parliament

GREENS MOTION: Nuclear waste dump in SA

Today Mark introduced a Greens' Motion noting a petition signed by almost 1000 South Australian residents calling on Parliament to maintain the integrity of South Australia's 20-year ban on nuclear waste facilities being developed in our state. 

SPEECH: Disallowance of GM crops regulations

In Parliament today, Mark made a speech to let other Members of Parliament know that he would no longer be moving to suspend Standing Orders in order to move a motion without notice to disallow Regulations for the growing of GM crops in South Australia. This is because a disallowance motion requires notice to given before it can be brought to a vote.

BILL: COVID-19 Emergency Response

Today Mark outlined the Greens' support for this Government Bill which gives the Government and SAPOL additional powers during the current health emergency. It also provides protection for renters facing hardship due to COVID-19. Mark also outlined two Greens' amendments to the Bill, which subsequently passed. 

QUESTION: Support for refugees and asylum seekers under COVID-19 response

In Question Time, Mark asked the Minister for Human Services about support for refugees and asylum seekers during the public health emergency.

QUESTION: Funding for housing and homelessness centres

In Question Time, Mark asked the Minister for Human Services about funding for organisations including Shelter SA, the Tenants' Information and Advisory Service, Get-A-Place and the Financial Services Clinic which is uncertain as the Government embarks on a tendering process for customer advisory and engagement services. 

BILL: Trespass on Primary Production Premises

Today Mark put the Greens' position on the record once more in relation to this Bill which increases penalties for farm trespass. As it does not seem to be based on any South Australian experience nor address any of the reasons why animal welfare groups take it upon themselves to trespass on farms, the Greens will oppose the Bill at the third reading unless it is substantially amended.