In Parliament

BILL: Sentencing

Today in Parliament Mark outlined stakeholder views on this Government Bill to amend the sentencing regime and reduce sentencing discounts. 

GREENS MOTION: Justice Reform Initiative

Today Mark moved a motion on behalf of the Greens in support of the Justice Reform Initiative, a campaign to reform the criminal justice system to minimise repeat offending, better look after the victims of crime and ultimately make our communities safer and stronger. 

GREENS BILL: Regulated Trees

Today Mark introduced the Greens' Regulated Trees Bill. Almost identical to a previous Greens' Bill that passed the Legislative Council in 2017, it would ensure that significant or regulated tree removal applications cannot be granted unless the replacement use or the replacement buildings have also been approved. The two decisions need to be dealt with together or the tree decision must be made after the building decision and not before. There is one clear exception and that is where a tree needs to be removed because it is dangerous.

GREENS BILL: Renting with pets

Today Mark re-introduced the Greens' Renting with Pets Bill that will allow South Australians to rent with their pets.  Currently tenants have no rights at all when it comes to keeping their pets with them and this Bill, which is based on the laws in Victoria and ACT, is a much fairer system. Having to give up your much loved pet in order to have a place to live, is not a choice the Greens think people should have to make.

SPEECH: Disposal of toxic waste

Today Mark spoke of his concerns and the concerns of the community in relation to Southern Waste ResourceCo's application to the Environment Protection Agency to receive, store, treat and dispose of waste contaminated by per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) at its landfill site on Tatachilla Road, McLaren Vale.

QUESTION: World Car Free Day

Today in Question Time Mark asked the Treasurer, representing the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, about World Car Free Day.