In Parliament

GREENS MOTION: Student strike for climate action

Today Mark moved a motion to congratulate students who joined the student strike for climate action in Adelaide on 30 November and gave a commitment to the young people of South Australia that the Greens are listening and hearing their concerns. 

QUESTION: Helping struggling families this Christmas by funding Foodbank

During Question Time, Mark asked the Treasurer whether the Government would help struggling South Australian families this Christmas by delivering an urgent contribution to Foodbank now, ahead of a longer term commitment to be considered as part of the next state budget.

BILL: Differential rates on vacant residential land

Today Mark outlined the Greens support for a Bill that removes a disincentive for people to build their own homes on vacant plots of residential land. 

MOTION: SA-Best wind farm moratorium defeated

Today Mark spoke in strong opposition to the ill-conceived call by SA-Best for a moratorium on new wind farms in SA.  Without support from any other party in the Upper House, the motion was defeated.

SPEECH: Renting with pets

Mark today spoke about the lack of pet-friendly rental accommodation in SA. Some South Australians who move house find they're not allowed to take their beloved pet to their new home.  Having to abandon the family pet in order to have a place to live should not be a choice that anyone has to make. Mark outlined the Greens' plan to change South Australia’s rental laws to allows pets in rental properties. 

QUESTION: Electronic waste recycling at Nystar, Port Pirie

During Question Time, Mark asked the Treasurer about the status of Nyrstar's project to deliver electronic waste recycling at Port Pirie.