In Parliament

MOTION: Inquiry into harassment in the legal profession

Mark briefly spoke in support of this motion calling for an independent inquiry by the equal opportunity commissioner into the prevalence of harassment, including sexual harassment, in the legal profession in South Australia.

MOTION: Nuclear Weapons

Today Mark spoke in support of this motion to acknowledge the 75th anniversaries of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and note that nuclear weapons present an unacceptable risk to humanity. 

Environment, Resources and Development Committee: Inquiry into the Recycling Industry

Today Mark reflected on the Inquiry into the Recycling Industry undertaken by the Environment, Resources and Development Committee of which Mark is a member.

GREENS MOTION: World Day Against the Death Penalty

Mark moved a second motion on behalf of the Greens today, calling on the the Legislative Council to note the 18th World Day Against the Death Penalty and to reaffirm its opposition to the death penalty, which is an unacceptable punishment in a modern civil society. 

GREENS MOTION: Disallowance of Planning and Development Fund Regulations

Today Mark moved a third motion to disallow regulations that permit the Open Space Fund to be used to fund the Government's new planning system. He expects it to pass for a third time when he brings it to a vote.

QUESTION: Solar panels on public housing

Today Mark again asked the Minister for Human Services about the progress of one of the commitments given to the Greens by the Treasurer during the Land Tax Bill debate last year, namely that the government will install solar panels on a minimum of 75 per cent of all suitable existing public housing.