In Parliament

QUESTION: Government advice on underground coal gasification

During Question Time, Mark asked the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Infrastructure representing the Minister for Energy and Mining which experts the Government consulted regarding underground coal gasification, and what was their advice. 

BILL: Drug Offences

Mark spoke today about the failed war-on-drugs that has criminalised people with health problems, and outlined the Greens' realistic and evidence-based approach to drug policy, that reflects the reality of people's choices about using drugs in Australia.

QUESTION: EPA's misleading advertisement in relation to widening of Outer Harbor

During Question Time, Mark asked the Minister for Human Services, representing the Minister for Environment and Water, about a misleading Environment Protection Agency (EPA) advertisement.

SPEECH: The role of planning in addressing climate change

Today Mark spoke about the important role that planning and planning professionals can play in addressing the problem of climate change.

BILL: 10 year moratorium on fracking passes

Mark spoke again about the need to ban fracking in the South East and Greens support for the Bill for a moratorium. He noted a sense of déjà vu as this Bill, introduced into the Upper House as a Government Bill, was identical to Mark's Greens Bill that the Government opposed back in July of this year.

QUESTION: Funding of road upgrades for KI's Smith Bay deep water port

During Question Time, Mark asked the Treasurer about funding requests for road upgrades for the controversial new industrial sea port development on Kangaroo Island's Smith Bay for Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers.