In Parliament

BILL: Appropriation

Mark today contributed to debate on the Appropriation Bill by outlining the Greens' opposition to the Government's proposed tax on electric vehicles, as part of the 2020 State Budget.

BILL: Voluntary Assisted Dying

Today Mark spoke to the Private Members Bill for voluntary assisted dying that he co-sponsored. 

GREENS BILL: Charter of Human Rights

Today Mark introduced a Greens Private Members Bill for a Charter of Human Rights for South Australians.

MOTION: 4th time Upper House vote for Open Space Fund to be for Open Space

For a fourth time, the Legislative Council again voted to disallow the Government's Regulations that allow them to use the Open Space Fund for purposes other than for Open Space.

QUESTION: Great State accommodation vouchers

During Question Time today Mark asked the Treasurer, representing the Premier, about Great State accommodation vouchers.

BILL: Modernising legal defences for homocide in family violence context

Mark today outlined the Greens support for the Government Bill to modernise the way the law deals with situations of homicide resulting from circumstances of family violence including the abolition of the partial defence of provocation .