In Parliament

BILL: Public Trustee and Guardian

Today Mark outlined the Greens' opposition to this Bill which merges the Office of the Public Advocate and the Public Trustee, amalgamating their functions and services and replacing them with one statutory Office of the Public Trustee and Guardian. He shared the concerns of a number of stakeholders, concerns shared by the Greens. Mark also noted that this feedback was sought directly from most of these organisations as the Attorney-General's office was unwilling to provide it. The Bill did not pass. 

QUESTION: Health impacts of lead pollution in Port Pirie

In Question Time today, Mark asked the Minister for Health and Wellbeing about the ongoing health impacts of lead pollution from the smelter in Port Pirie.

GREENS MOTION: Planning and Design Code

Today Mark moved a motion on behalf of the Greens in support of a petition signed by 13, 928 residents of South Australia concerning the impact of planning laws on the environment, heritage and community rights.

QUESTION: Homelessless in public health emergency

In Question Time, Mark asked the Minister for Human Services about the process of monitoring homelessness in the city during the current public health emergency.

BILL: Lifting the GM crops moratorium on mainland SA

Today Labor, SA-Best and Advance SA voted with the Government to remove the moratorium on GM crops on mainland SA, without any protections for non-GM and organic farmers. The Greens were the only party voting to keep SA GM-free.

Mark's amendments to reverse the Labor amendments that had removed ministerial discretion and public notification of experimental GM crops trials, and automatically allowed GM crop trials to occur in GM-free areas including KI, passed. However his amendments relating to farmer protections, GM contamination risk assessment, public notification of GM crop locations and allowing Councils rather than the Minister to be the decision makers if they wish to remain GM-free, were voted down.

QUESTION: E-Scooters

In Question Time, Mark asked the Minister for Trade and Investment, representing the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government about the use of privately owned e-scooters.