In Parliament

QUESTION: St Kilda Mangroves

During Question Time today, Mark also asked the Minister for Human Services, representing the Minister for Environment and Water, a question about the St Kilda Mangroves.

QUESTION: Flinders Chase National Park

Today Mark asked the Treasurer, representing the Minister for Planning, a Question about Flinders Chase National Park.

QUESTION: Planning and Design Code

Today during Question Time Mark asked the Treasurer, representing the Minister for Planning, a question about the Planning and Design Code.


As is usual practice at the end of a Parliamentary sitting year, Mark gave his Valedictory speech, reflecting on the past year and giving his thanks.

GREENS BILL: Renting with pets passes 2nd reading

Today the Greens' Renting with Pets Bill passed the 2nd reading in the Legislative Council, with the support of SA-Best and the Marshall Liberal Government. 

QUESTION: Odour pollution at Kanmantoo

In Question Time today Mark asked the Minister for Human Services representing the Minister for Environment and Water a Question about odour pollution at Kanmantoo.