In Parliament

SPEECH: Fossil Fuel Extraction Projects in SA

Today Mark gave a Matters of Interest speech about the Marshall Liberal Government's irresponsible promotion of new fossil fuel extraction projects in the midst of a global climate emergency and specifically about the dangerous and dirty process of extracting gas from underground coal seams known as underground coal gasification.

QUESTION: Nuclear waste dump's impact on tourism in SA

During Question Time Mark asked the Minister for Tourism if the Government has commissioned any research on the potential impact on tourism of hosting Australia's national nuclear waste dump in South Australia's Flinders Ranges.

QUESTION: Rezoning of the Repat Hospital site

During Question Time Mark asked the Minister for Health about the zoning of the Repatriation General Hospital.

QUESTION: Security of online payments on government websites

During Question Time Mark asked the Treasurer about the security of government online payment websites.

GREENS BILL: Freedom of Information law reform

Today Mark introduced his Greens' Bill to reform South Australian Freedom of Information laws including improving the public's right to access Government held information and preventing Ministerial influence in decisions on FOI applications.

QUESTION: Investment in Solar Energy

During Question Time, Mark asked the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment about investment in solar energy.