In Parliament

QUESTION: Shack developments on Crown Land

During Question Time today, Mark asked the Minister for Human Services representing the Minister for Environment and Water  whether planning and environmental laws have been complied with in relation to shack developments on Crown Land on Ewe Island.

SELECT COMMITTEE: Inquiry into GM crops moratorium

The Greens today supported the establishment of a Select Committee to inquire into the moratorium on the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops in South Australia.

GREENS MOTION: World Heritage Protection for the Great Australian Bight - passes Upper House

Today Mark's motion regarding world heritage protection for the Great Australian Bight was brought to a vote. It was passed in an amended form, despite opposition from the Marshall Liberal Government.

GREENS BILL: Waste avoidance through BYO containers

Today Mark introduced a Greens' Bill to enable people to bring and use their own food containers when buying food from food retailers, in order to reduce waste.

GREENS BILL: Phasing out single-use plastics

Mark introduced his Greens' Bill to reduce plastic pollution.  The Bill phases out the use of single-use plastic items such as straws, cups, plates, stirrers and other plastic waste products over a five-year period.  Retailers will be required to start providing re-useable, biodegradable or compostable alternatives right now so we can start to reduce our reliance on single-use plastic products.

GREENS BILL: Libs vote down legislation for 10 year moratorium on fracking

Today Mark brought his Greens Bill for a 10 year moratorium on fracking in the South East of South Australia to a vote. The Bill was opposed by both the Marshall Liberal Government and the Labor Opposition and so was defeated.