In Parliament

BILL: Equal Opportunity in Parliament

In Parliament today, Mark spoke in support of amending the Equal Opportunity Act to ensure that sexual harassment by one Member of Parliament against another Member of Parliament will be covered by the law. The Act is clear that a Member of Parliament cannot sexually harass staff or anyone else, who in the course of employment, performs duties at Parliament House but there is no explicit mention of harassment against other MPs. Mark noted the importance of the Bill and the need for Parliament to be a leader in best practice and a model for others to follow.

QUESTION: Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture (OPCAT) Agreement

In Question Time, Mark asked the Leader of the Government, representing the Attorney-General, whether the Government supports the implementation of OPCAT, whose primary objective is to prevent the mistreatment of people in detention. 

SPEECH: Lead pollution at Port Pirie

With 2019 being the worst year for lead pollution in a decade, today Mark spoke about the ongoing problem of lead pollution at Port Pirie and the Environment Protection Agency's proposal to modernise Nyrstar's licence conditions, including reducing the amount of lead that Nyrstar is legally allowed to emit into the environment. 


QUESTION: Promotion of green steel industry

In Question Time, Mark asked the Minister for Trade and Investment, representing the Minister for Energy and Mining what steps is the Government taking to promote a green steel industry in South Australia.

BILL: Public Trustee and Guardian

Today Mark outlined the Greens' opposition to this Bill which merges the Office of the Public Advocate and the Public Trustee, amalgamating their functions and services and replacing them with one statutory Office of the Public Trustee and Guardian. He shared the concerns of a number of stakeholders, concerns shared by the Greens. Mark also noted that this feedback was sought directly from most of these organisations as the Attorney-General's office was unwilling to provide it. The Bill did not pass. 

QUESTION: Health impacts of lead pollution in Port Pirie

In Question Time today, Mark asked the Minister for Health and Wellbeing about the ongoing health impacts of lead pollution from the smelter in Port Pirie.