In Parliament

BILL: Compulsory Land Acquisition

Today Mark outlined the Greens' position in relation to this Government Bill: to support the Bill other than the part that prevents compensation for land owners who have their underground land compulsorily acquired.

GREENS MOTION: Development Assessment Regulations disallowed

Today the Greens' motion to disallow the Government's Regulations made under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 concerning development assessment passed in Upper House. 

GREENS BILL: Commencement of Planning Code Bill passes in Upper House

Today the Greens Bill allowing the Minister for Planning to postpone the introduction of the Planning and Design Code passed in the Upper House. 

GREENS MOTION: Disallowance of development plan amendment discharged

Today Mark discharged his motion that would have disallowed the development plan amendment involving industrial land at Bowden-Brompton. 

QUESTION: Motor vehicle accidents involving overseas tourists

In Question Time, Mark asked the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment about motor vehicle accidents involving overseas tourists.

BILL: Gambling Administration

Today Mark spoke about his concerns in relation to this Government Bill as well as the way the Government was trying to push it through Parliament.