In Parliament

BILL: Reducing price-fixing in the gas market

Today, in responding to the Government's Bill, Mark noted that whilst an aim of the Bill is to reduce price-fixing that impacts on the end users of gas, it does absolutely nothing to prevent price gouging and the manipulation of the market by gas companies that are also generators of electricity.

GREENS BILL: Ban mandatory gas connections in new housing developments

Today Mark introduced a Greens Bill to outlaw the practice by housing developers to lock families into legally-binding arrangements that force them to use fossil fuels in their homes.

QUESTION: Law reform for disability mobility vehicles

During Question Time, Mark asked the Minister for Human Services whether law reform is needed to increase the mobility options for people whose disabilities prevent them from driving cars but who are otherwise fit enough to use other electric-powered mobility options.

GREENS BILL: Freedom of Information Bill passes Upper House

Today, Mark summed up debate and brought his Greens FOI Bill to a vote. The Bill was passed by majority support in the Upper House.

BILL: Use of lethal force by police during terrorism incidents

Today Mark outlined the Greens' opposition to the Government's "Shoot to Kill Bill" as being unnecessary legislation.

QUESTION: Government reports on Adelaide Park Lands

During Question Time, Mark asked Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment representing the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government when the Government would be meeting it's legislative requirement to table reports on the use of Adelaide's Park Lands for six projects: the old RAH site; the expansion of the Casino; the Walker Corporation's proposed office block behind Parliament House; the proposed Walker Corporation retail buildings on the Festival Plaza; the proposed new CBD high school; and the O-Bahn project.