In Parliament

BILL: Child exploitation and Police powers to unlock electronic devices

Today, Mark spoke about the Greens' support for the encryption provisions in this Government Bill that will enable Police to unlock electronic devices in relation to child exploitation cases while expressing concerns that these powers will also apply to cases that do not involve child exploitation. He outlined the Greens' amendment that would confine these powers to child exploitation cases.

QUESTION: Health measures during heatwaves

During Question Time, Mark asked the Minister for Health & Wellbeing about measures taken to reduce the occurrence of illness and death that accompany heatwaves, given the hotter than average temperatures forecast for SA this summer. 

BILL: Youth Treatment Orders

Today Mark outlined the Greens' concerns and strong opposition to the Government's deeply flawed proposal for mandatory treatment measures for young people grappling with drug issues.

SELECT COMMITTEE: Inquiry into Adelaide Oval redevelopment

Mark today supported the establishment of a Select Committee to inquire into the redevelopment of Adelaide Oval, expressing concerns the Greens have about the continued alienation of the Adelaide Park Lands for various inappropriate purposes, not the least of which are private commercial purposes. 

GREENS MOTION: Student strike for climate action

Today Mark moved a motion to congratulate students who joined the student strike for climate action in Adelaide on 30 November and gave a commitment to the young people of South Australia that the Greens are listening and hearing their concerns. 

QUESTION: Helping struggling families this Christmas by funding Foodbank

During Question Time, Mark asked the Treasurer whether the Government would help struggling South Australian families this Christmas by delivering an urgent contribution to Foodbank now, ahead of a longer term commitment to be considered as part of the next state budget.