In Parliament

GREENS BILL: Banning Underground Coal Gasification in SA

Mark today introduced his Greens' Bill to ban underground coal gasification in South Australia, as Queensland did in 2017 following the state's worst environmental disaster resulting from an underground coal gasification project.

SPEECH: Community Engagement Charter

Today Mark gave a speech about community participation in town planning.

QUESTION: Sale of publicly owned coastal land on Kangaroo Island

During Question Time, Mark asked the Minister for for Trade, Tourism and Investment about the sale of publicly owned coastal land on Kangaroo Island for a golf resort development.

QUESTION: OTR ban on re-usable coffee cups

During Question Time Mark asked the Minister for Health and Wellbeing about On The Run's decision to refuse to fill re-usable coffee cups that customers bring themselves.

QUESTION: Development in National Parks

During Question Time, Mark asked the Minister for Tourism to provide assurance that any new tourism infrastructure inside national parks or other conservation areas will be consistent with the approved management plans for those parks.

QUESTION: Elder Abuse

During Question Time Mark asked the Minister for Health and Wellbeing about progress towards state legislation to deal with  elder abuse.