In Parliament

SPEECH: SA Environment Protection Awards

Today Mark acknowledged the 2019 winners of the South Australian Environment Awards. The awards recognise those people who have made a substantial contribution to the protection of the environment. 

QUESTION: Overland train service

In Question Time, Mark asked the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment about the Overland train service.

BILL: Tresspass on Primary Production Premises

Today Mark put the Greens' position on the record in relation to this Bill which increases penalties for farm trespass. As it does not seem to be based on any South Australian experience nor address any of the reasons why animal welfare groups take it upon themselves to trespass on farms, the Greens will oppose the Bill at the third reading unless it is substantially amended.

BILL: Continuing Professional Development

Today Mark outlined the Greens' support to legislate for continuing professional development for architects including the importance that architects be exposed to the latest thinking in relation to environmental sustainability including water-sensitive urban design and energy efficiency.

QUESTION: Kangaroo Island Landing Fees

In Question Time, Mark asked the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, if a landing fee is payable for each visitor arriving by ferry or plane to Kangaroo Island, why there is no similar landing fee for passengers from cruise ships who come ashore. 

QUESTION: Cruise ship visitation to KI

In Question Time, Mark asked the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment whether he will be formally responding to the 'Impacts of cruise ship visitation on Kangaroo Island' report.