In Parliament

QUESTION: Bushfire recovery

In Question Time, Mark asked the Treasurer about bushfire recovery and what processes are being put in place to prioritise urgent and essential additional expenditure involving rebuilding ahead of the resolution of insurance claims.

QUESTION: Register of Members' Interests

In Question Time, Mark asked the Treasurer about conflict of interest in relation to Members of Parliament disclosing their membership of organisations. 

QUESTION: Preventative maintenance for public housing

In Question Time, Mark asked the Minister for Human Services whether all of the Government's commitments to public housing over the next 10 years are contained in 'Our Housing Future 2020-2030', including additional funding secured by the Greens through negotiations with the government over the Land Tax (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill.

BILL: Lifting the GM crops moratorium on mainland SA

Following the defeat of the Government's regulations to lift the GM crops moratorium on mainland SA, the Government quickly introduced a Bill to do the same. In his speech, Mark addressed fifteen false claims about GM crops that have been raised frequently during debate on this issue in the media, in the community and in Parliament.

Bill: Crown Land Management in relation to private shacks on public land

Today Mark outlined the Greens' opposition to this Government Bill which reverses the law that when the leaseholder dies, the shack revert to public land and structures must be removed. It provides for ongoing tenure (freehold or leasehold) as an incentive for shack lessees to upgrade their shacks to modern standards.

BILL: Court of Appeal

Today Mark outlined the Greens' support for this Government Bill which will divide the work of the Supreme Court into two parts - the General Division and the Court of Appeal.