In Parliament

GREENS BILL: Light pollution and nuisance

Mark today introduced a Greens' Private Members Bill to address issues of light pollution and nuisance.

BILL: Local Government Review

Today Mark outlined the Greens' position on the Government's Local Government Reform Bill, and explained some of the key issues. 

QUESTION: Electric vehicles in the state fleet

During Question Time, Mark asked the Treasurer in his capacity as the Minister responsible for the South Australian Government Financing Authority which is in turn responsible for Fleet SA, questions on the subject of electric vehicles in the state fleet.

QUESTION: Electric Vehicles

During Question Time today, Mark asked a supplementary question to the Treasurer regarding electric vehicles.

BILL: Disposal of PFAS contaminated substances

Today Mark outlined the Greens' support for this Private Members Bill that will bolster safeguards and make it clear where toxic waste dumps should not be established.

GREENS BILL: Disclosure of MP's Interests

Mark introduced a Greens' Private Members Bill today that will ensure that Members of Parliament disclose membership of all organisations, including clubs, societies, sporting groups, religious organisations or other community groups on the Register of Interests. Also, the Bill requires that the Register be published online in a format that is publicly accessible.