In Parliament

CONDOLENCE MOTION: Contribution of Tauto Sansbury, Narungga and Kaura Elder

Today Mark spoke about the significant contribution that Tauto Sansbury made to the Aboriginal Community.  He put Tauto's own words on the parliamentary record to farewell this important South Australian. 

SPEECH: Pollution incidents at the Nyrstar smelter, Port Pirie

In addition to his question to the Environment Minister in today's Question Time, Mark spoke about the incident in January this year, where a quantity of sulphuric acid was spilled or leaked from the Nyrstar facility at Port Pirie, polluting the marine environment and killing hundreds of fish. 

QUESTION: Chemical leaks at Nystar smelter, Port Pirie

In Question Time today, Mark asked the Minister for Human Services, representing the Minister for Environment and Water, why details of the January pollution incident were not incorporated into the EPA's public register as legally required and what action the Minister will take to ensure that all future reports of actual or threatened serious or material environmental harm are incorporated into the public register.

SPEECH: Electoral Fairness

Today Mark spoke to the Government's Electoral Fainess Bill. Having successfully ensured that the constitution was fairer to all parties and candidates in 2017, he explained why the Greens would not support reinstating the offensive provisions back into the constitution. The bill did not pass second reading stage. 

QUESTION: Sum of money paid to Australian Walking Company

Today in Question Time, Mark asked the Treasurer how much of the money the Government has contracted to pay the Australian Walking Company in relation to private luxury accommodation in Flinders Chase National Park has already been paid. 

GREENS BILL: Public say on private developments in National Parks passes Upper House

Today the Greens' Private Members Bill to ensure that any proposed private developments in National Parks are subject to full public notification, representation and appeal rights was passed by majority in the Upper House but opposed by the Liberal Government.