In Parliament

BILL: Prisoners voting in SA elections

Today Mark opposed the Government's legislation to remove the right for South Australian prisoners to vote in state elections.

BILL: National energy laws - rate of return

Today, Mark spoke about the importance of getting the formula for the rate of return right, as when you have natural monopolies with their regulated asset base and their guaranteed rate of return, business will do what it does and extract every last dollar it can from the resource it is controlling, so it is essential that the consumer's interest be front and foremost.

BILL: Budget Measures

Today, Mark responded to the Government's Budget Measures Bill, and outlined the Greens' opposition to the proposal to abolish the Office of the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island and repeal the Act. 

QUESTION: Government advice on underground coal gasification

During Question Time, Mark asked the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Infrastructure representing the Minister for Energy and Mining which experts the Government consulted regarding underground coal gasification, and what was their advice. 

BILL: Drug Offences

Mark spoke today about the failed war-on-drugs that has criminalised people with health problems, and outlined the Greens' realistic and evidence-based approach to drug policy, that reflects the reality of people's choices about using drugs in Australia.

SPEECH: The role of planning in addressing climate change

Today Mark spoke about the important role that planning and planning professionals can play in addressing the problem of climate change.