Greens GM Crops Moratorium Bill passes SA Parliament

The Greens’ Bill to extend the state-wide moratorium on the cultivation of genetically-modified crops has now passed both Houses of the South Australian Parliament and is set to become law.

“I’m pleased to announce that the Greens, with the support of the Labor Government, have secured the moratorium for an additional six years” said Mark Parnell MLC, Greens SA Parliamentary Leader.

“The passage of my Bill means that any decision to lift the moratorium before 1st September 2025 will require the support of both houses of Parliament.  The Greens’ Bill guarantees that regardless of who forms government, the Parliament will have the final say on this important issue.

“The current moratorium has provided a significant price premium for our State’s farmers compared to GM crops grown inother States.  As the only GM-free mainland State, this is a significant advantage to South Australia’s food industry.” concluded Mr Parnell.