Stop the forced use of fossil fuels

Most of us are trying to reduce our carbon footprint by making our homes as efficient as possible. 

So, imagine moving into a new housing estate and being told by the developers that you have no control over how to heat your home – you must use gas.  That’s exactly the scenario facing households in Mount Barker and other growth areas today.  Families are being told that becoming an efficient all-electric home is not an option.  They are legally obliged to connect to gas and to use it in their homes.

The Greens think this is unacceptable.

Not only is fossil fuel use worse for the climate, but it locks households into higher energy bills. 

We've reported six developers to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for “anti-competitive” conduct.  We've also introduced legislation into SA Parliament to outlaw this dodgy practice. You can watch this 2-minute video of my speech.

If you think households should be free to choose how to power their homes, sign this petition and spread the word.

We residents of South Australia call on the Marshall Liberal Government to ban the mandatory use of gas in new housing developments. South Australian families should be free to choose how to power their homes.

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