Greens welcome delay to flawed Planning and Design Code

The Greens today welcomed the decision by Planning Minister Stephan Knoll to hit the “pause” button on the roll-out of the contentious new Planning and Design Code.

“The Greens first put this on the Parliamentary agenda back in November when it was clear that the new Code was NOT fit for purpose and unlikely to be ready by July 1st", said Greens MLC and Planning lawyer, Mark Parnell MLC.

“A Greens Bill to do exactly what the Government now proposes has already passed the Upper House, so it’s simply now a matter of restoring it to the Notice Paper and bringing it on for a vote. With Labor having already supported the Bill last year, its passage through the Lower House is assured.

“The Greens will be taking the additional time to ensure that:

  • The public consultation period is extended;
  • All properties identified as having heritage values are protected;
  • All conservation areas on both public and private land are properly zoned for conservation;
  • Documents and maps are easier to locate and made more understandable;
  • Sneaky changes to planning rules that have not been through thorough community consultation are reversed;
  • Stupid errors are fixed; (eg. Land zoned for 8 storeys provided the building is less than 4 metres tall eg. Guinea pig hotel?);
  • Public participation rights over new buildings are extended.

"I’m glad the Government has seen reason and decided to support my Bill. As I told Parliament back in November “I’m from the Greens and I’m here to help” ", concluded Mark Parnell MLC.