QUESTION: Electric Vehicles

During Question Time today, Mark asked a supplementary question to the Treasurer regarding electric vehicles.

The Hon. M.C. PARNELL: My supplementary question of the Treasurer is: what is the government's program of consultation? Who will you be consulting and how?

The Hon. R.I. LUCAS (Treasurer): There is a long list of groups for targeted consultation that will be written to tomorrow, with a copy of the consultation paper. They include a significant number of groups that have expressed views either for or against a road user charge: some great friends of mine and, I suspect, possibly friends of the Hon. Mr Parnell.

The Conservation Council, for example, is amongst the long list of groups to be consulted. It is the obvious groups, such as road industry organisations like the RAA, the Electric Vehicle Council nationally, manufacturers, industry organisations, conservation and conservation-related groups. Also, as from tomorrow a copy of the consultation draft will be placed on the Treasury website so that all can see a copy of it. Indeed, even the Hon. Mr Parnell will be able to see a copy of the consultation draft.

At this stage we have delayed the consultation draft but, because the legislation hasn't been introduced in Victoria, we have decided to proceed with the consultation draft in South Australia on the basis of the early discussions we have had. The government's final position in relation to the shape and nature of its legislation will be influenced significantly by what is introduced in Victoria, and New South Wales if anything were to be introduced there as well.

As I said, the overriding objective is to try to achieve the greatest level of consistency we can between the South Australian legislation and the legislation that might exist in our biggest Eastern States neighbours, Victoria and possibly New South Wales.