BILL: Motor Bike Driver Licencing

In Parliament today, Mark outlined the Greens' support for the Government's Bill that aims to enhance safety on our roads, both for motorcyclists and for other road users.


The Hon. M.C. PARNELL: The Greens will support this bill to introduce measures aimed at enhancing safety on our roads, both for motorcyclists and for other road users. The bill makes sensible changes to the graduated licensing system for motorcyclists based on recommendations from Adelaide University's Centre for Automotive Safety Research, with a particular focus on novice riders.

New safety measures include increasing the minimum age for both the motorcycle learner's permit and the R-date intermediate licence, introducing restrictions on towing and pillion sidecar passengers, and a new night-time riding curfew. There are also some sensible exemptions for those in prescribed regional areas who require transport for the purposes of tertiary or vocational education, work and sporting participation.

I note that this bill will result in stricter requirements for motorcyclists than those that exist in some other Australian jurisdictions. However, it is my view that a stronger response, in line with that taken by Victoria, is justified from a public safety perspective. The Centre for Automotive Safety Research report maintains that such measures are necessary given the higher risk of serious injury or fatality for motorcyclists and the over-representation of younger riders in these numbers.

The report notes that in South Australia between 2012 and 2016 road fatalities were twice as likely for motorcyclists. Given the greater dangers posed by using a motorcycle, it makes sense to impose stricter licensing processes on novice riders who are at even greater risk. These amendments should go some way to curbing the statistics relating to motorcycle injuries and fatalities. The process for obtaining a motorcycle licence will be longer and more rigorous, ensuring that those who ride motorbikes on our roads are more prepared. This in turn will make the roads safer for riders and all other users.

I note that there is one set of amendments on file that I have in the name of the Hon. Connie Bonaros. I look forward to the committee stage of the debate. I will say that they look to be very sensible amendments, but I will listen to the debate and hear whether other members have different perspectives.