MOTION: Disallowance of the Open Space Fund Regulations passed, again

Today the Legislative Council again passed Mark's motion to disallow regulations that allow the Government to use the money in the Open Space fund for purposes other than open space.

Motion of Hon. M.C. Parnell:

That the general regulations made under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 concerning the Planning and Development Fund, made on 24 September 2020 and laid on the table of this council on 13 October 2020, be disallowed.

The Hon. M.C. PARNELL: I will exercise a similar discipline to the Treasurer and not speak at any length. As both the Treasurer and the Hon. Clare Scriven have acknowledged, this is now the third time that we have been invited to vote on a motion to disallow the regulations that allow for the raiding of the open space fund, for administration. In fact, the words 'deja vu' were the ones that the Treasurer used. I liken it to the voicemail message of a friend of mine, some time ago: he was a bit of a wag, and when you rang his number the recorded message said, 'You know what this is and you know what to do.' I think that is pretty much what this motion is all about.

I know that other members of the crossbench are not speaking today; they have already assured me that their support for this motion is ongoing. So I have no doubt that we will again in this place disallow these ill-conceived regulations. My sincere hope is that when we open the Government Gazette tomorrow afternoon we will not see the same regulations promulgated again for a fourth time. My promise is that if we do, we will see another disallowance motion back here again.

I would prefer the government to accept the will of this chamber, accept that our view is that the open space fund should be spent on open space, and not keep attempting to use this fund as a cash cow for general administration to do with the new planning system. I commend the motion, and I look forward to its speedy passage.

Motion carried.