BILL: Continuing Professional Development

Today Mark outlined the Greens' support to legislate for continuing professional development for architects including the importance that architects be exposed to the latest thinking in relation to environmental sustainability including water-sensitive urban design and energy efficiency.

Architectural Practice (Continuing Professional Development) Amendment Bill 2019

I rise briefly to add our support for the second reading of this bill. The concept of continuing professional development is not new in the professions. Most of us who engage, for example, with medical professionals are very grateful for the fact that they are obliged to keep their skills up-to-date. They are obliged every year to undertake further training to learn about the latest techniques, to learn about new science, to learn about the effect or the impacts of certain drugs. It is just a no-brainer when it comes to medical and allied professions.

When it comes to the practice of architecture, I think there are also pressing reasons why continuing professional development makes sense. I note first that the agreement apparently nationwide for this to occur was 13 years ago, so it has taken South Australia some time to get with the program, as it were, to legislate for continuing professional development. One of the reasons I think it is important in the practice of architecture is in relation to the recent changes in the understanding of sustainability in the built form.

I, for one, think that it is entirely appropriate that architects should be exposed to the latest thinking in relation to water-sensitive urban design or energy efficiency and things like that. There may well be architects whose qualifications are so old that issues of environmental sustainability never formed part of their formal studies. So I think it is important that all architects, old and new, be brought up to speed.

The Hon. David Ridgway, during question time, talked about Kangaroo Island and he reminded me that a nephew of mine has just recently graduated in architecture. He cut his teeth making gin at Kangaroo Island Spirits. He is a very talented young man. He makes excellent gin and I think he will make an even better architect. But I think in terms of the ongoing future development of the profession, this is a sensible move. It is long overdue. It is years after other states have implemented this move. The Greens are very pleased that it is now before us and we look forward to the speedy passage of this bill.