BILL: Pension entitlements of the Director Of Public Prosecutions

Mark outlined the Greens' support for the incoming Director of Public Prosecutions, Justice Martin Hinton, to maintain his existing entitlements. 

Director of Public Prosecutions (Pension Entitlements) Amendment Bill 2019

The Greens will be supporting this bill. Whilst in situations like this we would normally rail against the fact that it has been introduced and we have been asked to vote for it within a period of a small number of hours, I do appreciate that the Attorney-General’s staff members have gone out of their way to brief us on it. I wish Justice Martin Hinton all the best in his new role as our Director of Public Prosecutions.

Normally, we would also direct criticism at previous drafting of this legislation, but I am prepared to acknowledge that it probably was not anticipated that a sitting Supreme Court judge might end up getting the job as Director of Public Prosecutions. I think, as a matter of fairness, it seems appropriate that His Honour should be able to maintain his existing entitlements. There is no question of any additional entitlements flowing. It is simply a matter of moving from one area of public service to another, and the bill, in those circumstances, seems entirely appropriate.