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Dodgy party fundraisers to continue as Lib/Lab vote down Greens Bill

15/11/2012 11:00 am

Labor and Liberal have joined forces to vote down a Greens Bill that would have banned the promotion of special access to Government Ministers as a lure to raise money for political parties.

“The Greens have long believed that Ministers of the Crown should not be used as bait for political party fundraisers,” said Greens Parliamentary Leader Mark Parnell.

“It’s deeply disappointing that the old parties have got together to ensure it continues in South Australia.

“Labor knows they sell access to Ministers through SA Progressive Business. They know the public doesn’t like it.  Yet because it is lucrative, they continue to do it openly and brazenly.

“Our democracy does not just have to be clean; it has to be seen to be clean.

“The developers and other businesses who attend these cosy Labor and Liberal fundraising dinners are not charities; they are after something in return.

 “At least the Liberal party in their response to the Greens Bill acknowledged there is a major smell in the way that access to Ministers is sold to the highest bidder.

 “It’s well past time that this type of fundraising is banned.  

“Despite the defeat of this latest Bill, the Greens will continue to fight for comprehensive political funding reform, including the replacement of corporate and union donations with public funding, and the banning of dodgy practices like Labor’s SA Progressive Business,” he said.

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